Boston. It is the quintessential American city. Rich in history, yet one of the world’s most innovative cities, it is a destination that boasts several landmarks. Our three day tour is designed to give our travelers a sampling of the most significant sights in “Beantown”.

Our first stop is Buckman Tavern. Built in 1710, it was the sight of many important meetings by Captain Parker and his militia as they awaited the arrival of the British Redcoat Troops. Included in this stop is the Lexington Battle Green where the first battle of
the American Revolution took place. Experience tour guides in Centennial attire as they take you back in time recounting the events of April 19. See the iconic statue of Parker and feel the sense of American pride that was felt by Samuel Adams and John Hancock as a system of signals and word-of-mouth warnings were effective in warning militias of the British approach.

Day two will be filled with America’s most historic sites as we travel along Boston’s Freedom Trail. Led by 18th century costumed guides, you will view historic sites including Boston Common, the Massachusetts State House, Park Street Church, King’s Chapel and the Ben Franklin statue to name just a few. See the Old State House, site of the Boston Massacre, significant not only for the Colonist lives lost, but because it energized an anti-British sentiment, paving the way for the American Revolution.

Enjoy lunch and time on your own as you explore Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. A lovely mix of restaurants, shopping and history make this a tourist favorite. Stroll cobblestone promenades along this waterfront area as you check out vendor offerings and feel the historic aura!

No tour Boston would be considered complete without a visit to the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. Voted the #1 Best Patriotic Attraction by USA Today, you will go through a variety of virtual exhibits and authentically restored tea ships. Designed for tourist participation, you will explore and learn about the event that forever changed the course of American history. Complete with historical interpreters, a full-scale replica of 18th century sailing vessels, historic artifacts and the award-winning multi-sensory film, “Let It Begin Here”, you will be on a rendezvous with the history that occurred more than 230 years ago!

Speaking of must-sees in Boston, the tours final destination will be a fitting visit to Fenway Park, “America’s most beloved ballpark”. Located near Kenmore Square and home to the Boston Red Sox, the park is a place where dreams were made and traditions were celebrated. Capture the opportunity to sit atop the world famous Green Monster standing at 37 feet, 2 inches high and overlooking left field. Picture legendary players like Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Petro Martinez, and David Ortiz, all playing on the field below.

Join us for this All-American tour that is sure to fill you with a sense of patriotism and a new appreciation for the liberties we enjoy. Boston is a unique city that embraces the new, while holding steadfastly onto its heritage – a city that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Come along, the adventure awaits!