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Philadelphia Eagles

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Philadelphia Eagles 2019 – 2020


Date Game Time Price Team Availability
Aug 8 (Thu) 7:30pm $84 Tennessee Titans Seats Available
Aug 22 (Thu) 7:30pm $84 Baltimore Ravens Seats Available

Regular Season

Date Game Time Price Team Availability
Sept 8 (Sun) 1:00 pm $259 Washington Redskins SOLD OUT
Sept 22 (Sun) 1:00pm $249 Detroit Lions SOLD OUT
Nov 3 (Sun) 1:00pm $249 Chicago Bears SOLD OUT
Nov 17 (Sun) 4:25pm $279 New England Patriots SOLD OUT

Seating Information: Sections 129 & 131 End Zone

All game times are subject to change due to flex scheduling. If the game time is changed for any reason, no refund will be given. Departure times will be adjusted to coincide with new game time.

Game Time 1:00pm 4:25pm 7:30pm
Depart: Easton, PA – William Penn Park & Ride Lot C-1
Depart: Bethlehem, PA – LVIP
Depart: Allentown, PA – Green Hills
Depart: Quakertown, PA – Park & Ride
Arrive: Philadelphia
Depart: After Game

Cancellation Policy

All One-Day Tours are sold on a no cancellation, no refund basis. Trans-Bridge Tours, Inc. acts as an agent for its customers, in purchasing tickets for shows, sporting events and other special entertainment tickets in advance. Once tickets are sold to the customer, tickets become the customer’s responsibility. Professional sporting leagues have the right to shift the starting times of games to accommodate television network requirements. In these cases, Trans-Bridge Tours, Inc. will inform all passengers and will operate the tour at the new time. No refunds or credits will be provided if a passenger cannot attend.

Travel Insurance

Trans-Bridge Tours, Inc. strongly recommends travel insurance to protect your investment; unforeseen circumstances may occur. Travel insurance protects you from two types of financial losses: the money you invest in the tour and medical expenses that your health insurance may not cover. When travel insurance is not purchased, customer will personally assume full responsibility for any financial loss associated with their travel arrangements. Trans-Bridge Tours, Inc. is not responsible for any financial loss due to customer cancelling their tour. Any questions regarding travel insurance coverage must be addressed with the travel insurance company. For travel insurance information, click here.